Share Contents for 1998 Season

Listed below you will find the contents of ONE SHARE for each week we receive vegetables during the 1998 season.

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June 13, 1998

June 20, 1998

June 27, 1998

July 4, 1998

July 11, 1998

July 18, 1998

July 25, 1998

One issue that arises each week is: how do you eat all this produce? Most recipes stretch out the veggies - what we need to do
is consolidate! With that in mind (& a need to bring a lunch to work every day), I have devised a "quick 'n' easy" solution. All
you need is: Here's what you do:
  1. clean & cut up the veggies, about 2 cups
  2. put in microwave safe container with some water in the bottom
  3. microwave 1 minute (for zukes) to 3 minutes (for green beans)
  4. while microwaving, put a dash of olive oil/salt/garlic powder/(vinegar too if cooking green beans)/other herbs as desired in the boston chicken container
  5. when veggies are cooked, throw them in the container too. Put a lid on it, shake it around a bit, & voila! Marinated veggies for lunch.
I do this recipe every morning & it means I eat better (my 5 plus servings of veggies), save money, & I clean out my fridge at
the same time! Now, that's what I call multi-tasking!
Let me know if you have any other quick recipe suggestions!

August 1, 1998

August 8, 1998

August 15, 1998

Freezing tips:
Green and hot peppers: You can chop and freeze without cooking. Broccoli, eggplant, and zucchini can be blanched (boiled
briefly) and frozen.

August 22, 1998

Freezing tips:
Definition of BLANCH: Boil or steam briefly. Then dunk in cold water to stop the cooking process.

August 29, 1998

September 5, 1998

September 12, 1998

September 19, 1998

September 26, 1998

October 3, 1998

October 10, 1998

October 17, 1998

October 24, 1998

October 31, 1998

Helpful hints:

November 7, 1998
This was our twenty-second, and final week of vegetables. Unfortunately, I didn't keep a record of what we got! Alas, all I know is that we got (among other things) many pounds of carrots. About 20 of them. I've been eating carrots ever since. The funny thing is: the day before I got my share, I made some recipe that needed carrots, so I bought some (not expecting the deluge). And you know what? My suspicions were confirmed: the store bought carrots, although very much uniform in size & shape, and very pretty looking, were no match for the dirty, funky, small organic carrots. The store-bought carrots were not as crisp or tasty. And I have not bought any carrots since that day, two months ago as I write this!

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